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Friday’s Trx Fusion 30/1/15

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Tomorrow  we will start the TRX Force Program.  It is a 12 week intensive program, starting with exercises that work on core stability.

There are a couple of benchmark fitness tests incorporated into the first workout.  This will work well for us to share the straps, so again partnering up…one performing the three rounds on the TRX, the other doing the fitness tests.

There is also warm up mobility exercises incorporated into every Force workout.  If we have time at the end we will cover a few.  The TRX component should take 12 mins, the fitness tests will take longer.

Fitness tests..U.S.army physical fitness Test:

Run 3.2km for time…..(this should take about 16 mins or under)

Max push ups for 2 mins

Max sit ups for 2 mins


We will finish with a shuttle run on the treadmill…300m rest 1min repeat.

Good luck everyone…we are taking it to another level again!