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Wednesday’s W.O.D 28/1/15



This week we will do 4 rounds of some of the best  “Crossfit” Body weight exercises:

20 Air squats

20 Jumping Squats

10 pistol squats per leg

45 sec plank

45 sec side plank ( both sides)

20 lunges

20 mountain climbers

20 jumping lunges

20 speed skaters

20 burpees

20 push up hand release

20 double unders or skipping

run 400m

We will spead some time writing our goals for 2015, and testing our current limits….eg how many push ups on toes can you do now?  And let’s set a goal …. Planks…how long can you currently hold it for?…goal..3 mins etc.

C u Wednesday…enjoy the ” Australia Day break!”