Monday’s Trx 23/1/17


It’s great to be returning for the New Year, thank you everyone for your support and passion!

two rounds of Trx 45 Sec on 15 rest

Trx Row

Trx Bicep curl

Trx tricep press

Trx lunge (x2)

Trx hip hinge with optional hop (x2)

Trx one legged squat

Trx mountain climber

Trx hamstring runner

Trx hip press

Trx burpees 5 per side

body burner to follow:

30 sec on 10 rest


lateral raise

tricep kickback

sumo hi pull

push ups


snow board rotations



sqaut kickback


plank rotations

crab walk ( everyone’s fav😏)

glute kicks

crucifix plank  ( for Ken👍)

see you tomorrow!, can’t wait😀



2 thoughts on “Monday’s Trx 23/1/17

  1. Wendy Brown

    Hey Kylie spewing I won’t be able to join your classes anymore. Got kids for rest of holidays, hopefully Ill get into at least one before I start work to say hi, Not sure when that will be but I reckon I will be using your posts to do my own workouts. Hope the hols are going well for you. X Wendy

    1. klbw3079 Post author

      Hey Wendy, thanks for your support, enjoy the rest of the holidays,I hope I can see you before you embark on your new chapter, if u don’t see you my thoughts are with you.😀


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