Monthly Archives: July 2016

Tuesday’s W.O.D 26/7/16



5 rounds:

row 500 m

run 400 m or 2 mins cardio

10 pull ups….with resistance band or assisted pull up machine

21 KB swings

15 DB thrusters

10 box jumps or step ups

farmers walk with kettlebells.


Tuesday’s W.O.D 19/7/16


A ciruit will be tough..45 sec on 15 off…

15 stations, 3 rounds..

K.B. Swing

KB sumo hi pull



Battle Rope

Ball slam

DB thrusters ( always have to include this!)

AB roller

calf raises


Boscu squats with weight

side lunge with weight ( x2)

push ups


Can’t wait!!😀


W.O.D. Tuesday 12/7/16

We are back in action and are going to do an old favourite ..the descending rep workout.

5 rounds descending reps 50 – 10 so it gets easier as we go along……

squat press

kb swing or hi pull

lunge with bicep curls

push ups

Row 500 m

Run 400 m

the row and run remains the same each round!