Daily Archives: March 3, 2016

Friday’s Trx fusion 4/3/16

45 sec on 15 rest…

Trx squat jumps or Tuck jumps for those who are game!

Trx side lunges ..these can include a hop!

Trx Y

Trx crocodile

Trx inverted row

Trx  one armed bicep curl ( x2)

Trx tricep press

Trx rollout with swimming action for those who are dare!

Trx pike

Trx burpees

Trx Spider-Man  push up (10 per side)

partner workout

cardio 4 mins

borrowers squat

sumo hold


push ups

crab walk

hot hands

explosive jacks

high knees

plenty of core..plenty of cardio. See you tomorrow!