Monday’s Trx Fusion 1/2/16


Back after our break over January, ready to go extreme!

Trx workout 45 sec on 15 rest starting with some arm burners..

Trx Row

Trx Bicep curl

Trx tricep rollout

Trx one legged squat ( x2)

Trx Y deltoid fly

Trx  abducted lunge ( x2)

Trx Pike

Trx mountain climber

Trx crunch

Trx hamstring runner

Trx hip press

Trx Spider-Man push up 10 reps per side

total 14 mins

partner workout ….

cardio 4 mins

squat press out

lateral lunge with weights (x2)

crab walk

reverse plank

robo crawl

King Kong


see you tomorrow!





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