Monthly Archives: December 2015

Friday’s Trx Fusion 18/12/15

last session for the year, so let’s go hard

working the usual 45 sec on 15 rest

trx squat

trx one legged squat (x2)

trx abducted lunge

trx Y,T,I

trx side lunge

trx tricep press

trx bicep curl

trx pike

trx crunch

trx mountain climber

trx hip press

partner workout

cardio 4 mins


push ups

explosive jacks


sumo hold

walking squat

rebound squat jumps

wall sit

2 round of each 🎄🎄




Monday’s Trx Fusion 14/12/15

Four rounds tomorrow, working at your own pace:

cardio 4 mins

50 squats

20 push ups

50 lunges with bicep curl

20 Trx triceps rollout

20 Trx biceps curl

20 Trx  row

20 Trx “Y”

20 Trx overhead squats

20 Trx push up pike

20 Trx mountain climber




Monday Mum’s at the Park 14/12/15

Some of these exercises are from the ” Rocky Workout” so it is intense!

Run 2 laps of the park

50 glute bridge ext per leg

50 Bulgarian squats per leg

50 elevated push ups

50 alternating jump step ups

Run 2 laps of the park

50 park bench jumps with step down

50 Trx rows

50 Trx squat jumps

25 Trx power pull per side

Lunges to edge of park

run 2 laps of the park

20 plank alternating arms

50 db thrusters

see you bright and early, last session before Xmas!



Friday’s Trx Fusion 11/12/15

Working the usual 45 sec on 15 rest:

Trx one legged squat with weights ( x2)

Trx abducted lunge with weights (x2)

Trx lunge with weights ( x2)

Trx  overhead squat

Trx tricep press

Trx bicep curl

Trx superman

Trx pike

Trx crunch

Trx renegade row

Trx hip press holding weight overhead

Trx hip abduction

partner workout:

cardio 4 mins

side lunge

sumo hold

borrowers squat

push ups


2 step dash

see you tomorrow!



Monday Mum’s at the park 7/12/12

Working a similar formula from last week, we managed 1.5 rounds…let’s see how many rounds this week!

50 DB thrusters

2 laps of park

30 push ups

2 laps of park

lunges length of park

2 laps of park

50 renegade row

2 laps of park

50 calf raises

2 laps of park

50 kb sumo hi pull

2 laps of the park






Friday’s Trx Fusion 4/12/15

Working in pairs again, 45 sec on 15 rest/transition…

Trx Over head squat

Trx triceps press

Trx biceps curl

Trx jumping squats

Trx lunge ( x2)

Trx crunch

Trx side plank ( both sides)

Trx hip abduction

Trx hamstring curl

Trx Spider-Man push ups, 8 per leg … 12 mins

then swapping to partners workout.

Run/Row/x trainer 4 mins

Squat big knees


Take downs

Lunges with bicep curls

Run/row/x train 4 mins… 12 mins

Two rounds of each!