Monthly Archives: November 2015

Monday Mums at the Park 9/11/15


3 rounds tomorrow, 5 if you have the time working descending reps per round 50-10

db thrusters

lunge with bicep curl

renegade row

kb sumo hi pull

mountain climbers

Pommel jumps

Frog jumps

push ups

half lap of the block or skipping.

This workout is always challenging, see you tomorrow.


Friday’s Trx Fusion 6/11/15


Working the usual 45 sec on 15 sec rest:

Trx hamstring curl

Trx hip abduction

Trx atomic push up

Trx pike

Trx squat

Trx one legged squat (x2)

Trx sprinters start (x2)

Trx chest press

Trx series L,M,H

Trx overhead squat

Partner workout: ( body weight)

Cardio 4 mins or 6 mins if running outside

Crab walk

Hot hands

Reverse plank


180 Squat jumps

Walk out push ups


Two rounds of each,

See you tomorrow

Monday’s Trx Fusion 2/11/15


working 45 sec on 15 rest

Trx overhead squat

Trx Y deltoid fly

Trx tricep press

Trx bicep curl

Trx row

Trx abducted lunge (x2)

Trx atomic pike

Trx crunch

Trx mountain climber

Trx hamstring runner

Trx hip abduction

partner workout

cardio 3 mins

kb swing

kb sumo hi pull

renegade row

push ups


wall sit

calf raises

see you tomorrow!