Daily Archives: November 22, 2015

Monday’s Trx Fusion 23/11/15


Working 45 sec on 15 rest,

Trx squat / squat jump

Trx crocodile

trx power pull ( x2)

Trx lunge ( x2)

Trx inverted row

Trx bicep

Trx tricep

Trx plank

Trx pike

Trx incline press ( x2)

partner workout….Name workout…

see you tomorrow!


Monday Mum’s at the Park 23/11/15

warm up is a 5 min “squat flow” to get the legs fired up!

then working tabata 30 sec on 10 rest of the following exercises.

sandbag squat overhead pass

sandbag lunge around the clock

kb swing

kb push ups

farmers walk left

farmers walk right

half kneeling row underhand grip ( x2)

half kneeling bicep curl ( x2)

half kneeling tricep kickback (x2)

total time = 10 min 20 sec plus…

lap of the park.

3 rounds


see you bright and early tomorrow.