Daily Archives: August 9, 2015

Monday’s Trx Fusion 10/8/15


Working 45 sec on 15 rest

Trx pike

Trx body saw

Trx burpees (x2)

Trx incline plank (x2)

Trx pull ups

Trx inverted row

Trx squat jump

Trx one legged squat (x2)

Trx tricep press

Trx bicep curl

Total = 14 mins

Partner workout

Cardio 4 mins

DB Thrusters

kb swing

push ups

2 step dash


Explosive jacks

get ups

2 rounds of both workouts see you tomorrow!


Monday Mum’s at the track 10/8/15


Two circuits tomorrow working the usual 45 sec on 15 rest

Trx circuit

Trx bicep curl

Trx tricep press

Trx lunge ( x2)

Trx “y” fly

Trx overhead squat

Trx crunch

dead ball slams

powerbag front squat

powerbag bent over row

lunges with powerbag overhead

Push ups

k.b swing

v sit abs

This workout will take 14 mins, 3 rounds, see you bright and early tomorrow.