Monday Mum’s at the Track 13/7/15


Some fun on Monday working in pairs running back and forward sharing the sandbag, so you rest while your partner works then you swap.

if it’s not raining we will start with a lap of the track.

sandbag workout 10 reps of each swapping the sandbag with your partner after each exercise.

Firemans lift -alternating lifting bag onto each shoulder

Reverse lunge alternating legs with sandbag over your back.

Burpee to sumo high pull with the sandbag

Squat and press sandbag overhead

Bent over row with sandbag

Lateral jumps side to side over sandbag

Sumo Hi-pull with sandbag

Side lunge with sandbag on your shoulder

Push up on sandbag

3 rounds with a lap of the track between rounds.

See you Monday!


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