TRX Fusion Friday 3/7/15 “TheForce”, week 7, day 3


This is is the result we are after!!!!  mixing in a few Metafit exercises in the partner workout, just to get familiar with the names of their exercises leading up to some Metafit classes.

Working 45 sec  on 15 rest….

Trx abducted lunge ( both sides)

Trx sprinter’s start ( both sides)

Trx pull press ( both sides) or Trx bicep curl / tricep press

Trx chest press ( level 3 one leg off the ground)

Trx hinge

Trx split fly ( crocodile)

Trx inverted row

Trx pike

Trx hip prese

Trx incline press ( 5 per side)

Approx 14 mins per round

Partner workout

**weekly challenge if you haven’t had a try**

2 rounds for best time:

10 kb goblet squats

10 plank press

10 kb sumo deadlift

10 kb overhead press

or 3 mins cardio / 3 laps of oval


Pop ups

Squat thrust

Get ups

Tuck jumps

Burpee turns

See you tomorrow!


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