Monday Mum’s at the track 29/6/15

image image

We will be doing 3 circuits,  all AMRAP, as many rounds as possible in a given time.

It’s all about high intensity to get the best results.

AMRAPS will be 12 mins for those who don’t want to run or can’t due to injury.

For everyone else the AMRAP will be 10 mins to allow for a lap of the track afterwards.

Circuit 1:  AMRAP-  10/12 mins

20 dead ball slams

20 kb swings

20 push ups

Circuit 2:  AMRAP- 10/12 mins

20 sandbag sumo squats

10 sandbag shoulder throws per side

40 mountain climbers

Circuit 3:  AMRAP-  10/12 mins

20 wall balls

30 skips or 30 calf raises

20 lunges

This is functional training working for hard core mums, see you Monday!


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