Trx Fusion ” The Force “, week 7,day 1


Working 45 sec on 15 rest :  there is a lot of unilateral exercises in this one, options available if this is too hard.

Trx abducted lunge

Trx split fly ( crocodile)

Trx sprinters start ( x2)

Trx single handed inverted row (x2). Options: Trx double handed inverted row then Trx pulls ups

Trx single arm hip hinge ( x2) options Trx double handed hip hinge then Trx tricep press

Trx chest press ( L strap )

Trx plank

Trx incline plank press (x2)

Trx pike

Trx hip press

Total 14 mins

Partner workout  12 mins AMRAP

100 skips

20 squats

40 mountain climbers

20 push ups

See you tomorrow!


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