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Wednesday’s W.O.D. 1/7/15


Body Weight Blitz…

Working 45 sec on 15 rest

Running high knees on the spot

Squat thrust

Glute bridge extension holding weights ( both sides)

Squat pulse for two then jump

Jumping out and in

Borrowers squat

Squat hold reaching to alternate toes

Wall sit

Shuttle run

Then adding weights to balance upper body…

db thrusters

Plate touch ground overhead clean

Lunge with bicep curls

Four rounds …

Total time per round = 14 MINS ..4 rounds = 56 mins

See you tomorrow!


Monday’s Trx Fusion 29/6/15

Working at your own pace, working on reps rather than timed intervals…let’s aim for 3 – 4 rounds.


15 TRX tricep presses

15 TRX bicep curls

15 TRX overhead squats

20 TRX atomic push up

20 TRX mountain climbers

20 TRX pikes

20 push ups

20 borrowers squats

20 squat thrusts

See you in the morning!

Monday Mum’s at the track 29/6/15

image image

We will be doing 3 circuits,  all AMRAP, as many rounds as possible in a given time.

It’s all about high intensity to get the best results.

AMRAPS will be 12 mins for those who don’t want to run or can’t due to injury.

For everyone else the AMRAP will be 10 mins to allow for a lap of the track afterwards.

Circuit 1:  AMRAP-  10/12 mins

20 dead ball slams

20 kb swings

20 push ups

Circuit 2:  AMRAP- 10/12 mins

20 sandbag sumo squats

10 sandbag shoulder throws per side

40 mountain climbers

Circuit 3:  AMRAP-  10/12 mins

20 wall balls

30 skips or 30 calf raises

20 lunges

This is functional training working for hard core mums, see you Monday!

Friday’s Trx Fusion “The Force” week 7, day 2, 26/6/15


Working in pairs, the usual 45 sec on 15 rest… Lots of unilateral exercises.

Trx single arm squat row (x2)

Trx lunge (x2)

Trx resisted torso rotation (x2)

Trx single leg squat ( x2)

Trx pull ups

Trx hamstring runner

Trx hip press

Trx mountain climber

Trx Spider-Man’s  10 per leg

Total 13 mins

Partner workout

Cardio 4 mins



Push ups

KB swing

Cardio 4 mins.

If it’s not raining we may try a run outside.

See you tomorrow

Wednesday’s W.O.D. 24/6/16


Tomorrow we will try a couple of AMRAP’s  running at the same time so we can share equipment..


AMRAP- 12 mins

20 dead ball slams

20 push ups

20 kettle bell swings 8kg or 12 kg

WORKOUT 2: one of my favourites from Commando ..

AMRAP- 12 mins

5 pull ups, pull up machine allowed

10 push ups

15 squats


AMRAP- 12 mins

100 skips

10 kb swings

20 squats.

This should be very challenging! See you tomorrow!

Monday’s Trx Fusion 22/6/15


Using hand weights again with some of the Trx exercises… Working the usual 45 sec on 15 rest…

Trx single leg squat – one hand holding hand weight, x2

Trx single arm row with other arm doing chest press with weights, x2

Trx Y to  I deltoid raise

Trx abducted lunge, holding hand weight x2

Trx lunge, holding hand weight x2

Trx Spider Man, one leg in strap x2

Trx hip press, holding hand weight above head

Total – 12 mins

Partner workout:

12 mins – AMRAP

20 kettle bell goblet squats – 8kg

30 skips

40 mountain climbers

Two circuits of each!😀

Monday Mum’s at the track 22/6/15

image image

Back by popular demand the “furious fifty” workout, descending reps from 50 -30 of the following :

Squat jumps

High knees

Lunge with forward toe taps

Mountain jumper or mountain climber

Sumo jumps in and out

Sprinters start with hop at the top (start with 25 per side)

Plank with toe taps db thrusters

Plus a lap of the track if it’s not raining!

For those looking for a little extra challenge….this can be a fast warm up,..1 round for best time of:

20 push ups

30 squats

40 burpees….that’s going to hurt!

30 squats

20 push ups.

This should take anywhere from 3.30min -7 mins !

See you in the morning!