Friday’s Trx Fusion 22/5/15, “The Force”, Week 5, day 4


Working 45 sec on 15 rest…..again concentrating on unilateral exercises

Trx squat row

Trx single leg squat x 2

Trx low row to biceps curl to Y fly

Trx hinge

Trx abducted lunge ( both sides)

Trx lunge ( both sides)

Trx pull press  ( both sides)

Trx hip press single leg x2

Trx hamstring runner

Trx atomic pike

Total = 15 mins

Partner exercise….

Kg swing


Push ups


Calf raises

Wall sit

Cardio –  2 mins

Then repeat

There are a couple of tricky Trx exercises in this one…especially the Trx pull press…It’s a big one …..if we do both circuits twice  it will be one hour.

Reminder…Sat is our night out…7.30 pm..should be fun!😀


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