Daily Archives: April 19, 2015

Monday Mum’s at the Track 20/4/15


combination of Two Bad Bodies and some functional training.

Working 45 sec on 15 rest/ transition between exercises..3 rounds, each round should take approx 14 mins

fwd lunges with toe tap… opposite hand

Squat jumps in and out

push up ..release hands

curtsey lunges

squat jumps with pulse

glute bridge extension ( both sides)

one legged deadlift ( both sides)

resistance band walk

shuttle runs side to side


lap of the track ( if it’s not raining!)

Most of the exercises we have covered before, just the deadlift and burpees are new.  See you bright and early!


Monday’s Trx Fusion 20/4/15


4 rounds, working with a partner, 2 rounds of TRX and 2 of a H.I.I.T circuit. Working 45 sec on, with a 15 sec rest/ transition.

Trx and Circuit both Run 800m, let’s work on improving our times! -approx 4 mins.

Trx abducted lunge with stretch- hands touch the ground, both sides when doing the mobility exercise.

Trx hip hinge- both sides when doing the mobility exercise.

Trx split lunge Y ,T, M -mobility exercise.

Trx lunge- both sides.

Trx body saw

12 mins in total

Circuit: starts with 800 m run

Push ups

D.B. Thrusters

Assisted pull ups/lunges- sharing equipment

Box jumps

Wall sits


Renegade rows


See you tomorrow!