Monthly Archives: April 2015

Friday’s TRX Fusion 1/5/15 ” Force week 4 day 2″


Working 45 sec on 15 rest…

Trx squat row

Trx sprinters start ( both sides)

Trx “Y”

Trx side lunge

Trx single leg squat ( both legs)

Trx lunge ( both sides)

Trx hip press

Trx hamstring curl

Trx atomic pike

Trx spider-Man push up 8 per side

13 mins

Partner workout…

Cardio 3 mins

Kb swing

Push ups


Lunges with weight overhead

Laterral raise

Repeating the last 5 exercises, ready to swap with your partner.


Wednesday’s W.O.D. 29/4/15


Body Weight Blitz…

Working 45 sec on 15 rest

Running high knees on the spot

Mountain jumper push up ( jump fwd knees to chest, jump back feet together, then chest to the ground for a push up then repeat)

Glute bridge extension holding weights ( both sides)

Squat pulse for two then jump

Jumping out and in

Lunge with clock toe taps, driving knee up ( both sides)

Squat hold reaching to alternate toes

Wall sit

Shuttle run

Then adding weights to balance upper body…

db thrusters

Plate touch ground overhead clean

Lunge with bicep curls

Four rounds  …

Total time per round = 14  MINS  ..4 rounds = 56 mins

See you tomorrow!

Monday Mum’s at the track 27/4/15


This  week we will do a circuit moving from station to station, working 45 sec on, 15 rest/ moving onto next exercise.

Wall balls

Ball slams

Ball throwing onto wall working obliques ( both sides)

KB swing

DB Thrusters

Ab rollout

Vipr ( threading the needle)

Push ups


10 mins per round,….. if it’s not raining we will try and incorporate a lap of the track as well.  See you bright and early Monday!

Trx Fusion Friday 24/4/15 ” Force week 4 Day 1″


Working the usual 45 sec on 15 rest…the start of week 4 of The Force…

Trx squat to Y fly

Trx power pull ( both sides)

Trx resisted torso rotation ( both sides)

Trx row

Trx clock press

Trx inverted Row

Trx pull ups

Trx side plank ( both sides)

Trx body saw

Trx hip abduction

Trx burpees 10 per leg

total = 14 mins

partner workout:

cardio 3 mins

kb swing



wall sit

Repeat partner workout, total 14 mins.

Two rounds of each workout = 48 mins.

Wednesday’s W.O.D. 22/4/15


We we will try for 4 rounds tomorrow, working 45 sec on 15 rest, each round should take 12 mins…

Squat jump

Lunge with knee driver holding weight ( x2 )

Lateral lunges with toe tap

Mountain climbers

Push ups

Half burpees

Plank with toe tap to side


Toe taps

Lateral shuttle run

DB fwd and lateral raise.

Monday Mum’s at the Track 20/4/15


combination of Two Bad Bodies and some functional training.

Working 45 sec on 15 rest/ transition between exercises..3 rounds, each round should take approx 14 mins

fwd lunges with toe tap… opposite hand

Squat jumps in and out

push up ..release hands

curtsey lunges

squat jumps with pulse

glute bridge extension ( both sides)

one legged deadlift ( both sides)

resistance band walk

shuttle runs side to side


lap of the track ( if it’s not raining!)

Most of the exercises we have covered before, just the deadlift and burpees are new.  See you bright and early!