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Monday Mum’s in the park 16/3/15

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Great work everyone !.

Very scenic with the balloons joining us this morning!


Monday Mum’s in the park 16/3/15


Tomorrow it’s a timed circuit, working 45 sec on 15 rest, 3 rounds of the following:

Squat press

Push ups

Lunges with bicep curls

Kettle bell swing

Bulgarian split squat x 2  ( new exercise)

Dumbell lateral raise with overhead press ( new exercise)

Skipping, then –

alternating with step ups


Kettle bell sumo hi pull ( new exercise )

Trx sprinters start x 2

Each round will take 13 mins.  Will will have a few minutes of stretching at the end.

See you bright and early!

Friday’s Trx Force – week 2, Day 3, 13/3/15


Working in in pairs again 45 sec on 15 rest…

Trx squat

Trx bicep curl

Trx tricep press

Trx row LMH

Trx chest press

Trx plank

Trx side plank  x 2

Trx hip abduction

Trx hamstring curl

Trx spiderman push ups 8 per side.

11 mins per round.

4 mins  cardio

Skipping/ step ups

kb swing

Skipping/step ups


Skiping /step ups


Skipping /step ups

Fit Kids for school holidays

Fit Kids is running again these school holidays.

The venue has changed, we are going outside to a running track, obviously weather dependant.

The cost is still $5 per school aged child for a 45 min session.

Still incorporating a children’s circuit, step ups, running ,agility ladder drills ,introduction to body weight exercises and a few games.

Lots of fun!

Dates : 1 st week of holidays – Tuesday 31 st March – 1pm.

Thursday 2 nd April – 1 pm.

2 nd week of holidays – Tuesday 7 th April –  1 pm.

Thursday 9 th April – 1 pm.

Please let me know if you are interested.

Monday’s Trx Fusion 9/3/15


Working at  your own pace, working on reps rather than timed intervals…let’s aim for 3 – 4 rounds.

15 TRX tricep presses

15 TRX bicep curls

15 TRX overhead squats

20 push ups

20 squats lunges length of the carpet and back

20 TRX atomic push ups

20 TRX mountain climbers

20 TRX pikes

20 push ups

20 squats, lunges, the length of the carpet and back

15 TRX inverted rows

15 TRX pull ups

15 TRX power pulls per side

CARDIO – 4 mins.