Friday’s TRX Fusion – Force Week 3, Day 1


Moving into week 3 of the Force program working 45 sec, 15 rest..

A few exercises we haven’t done for a while, progression on burpees from 8 to 10 per side…

Trx squat Y fly

Trx power pull ( both sides)

Trx resisted torso rotation (mid straps)  both sides

Trx low row to chest press ( mid straps)

Trx clock press ( mid)

Trx inverted row

Trx pull ups

Trx hip abduction

Trx body saw

Trx side plank ( both sides)

Trx burpee 10 per side

14 mins per round.

Partner workout- a few ” Two Bad Bodies” exercises

4 mins cardio

Curtsey lunges – jumping optional

Push up release

Sumo squat… optional jumping in and out

Side sumo squat with pulse x both sides

Kettle bell swing


14 mins a round

2 rounds of each, total workout = 56 mins,  it’s going to be tough! 😊


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