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Friday’s TRX Fusion Force – week 2, day 4, 20/3/15


Working together in pairs, 45 sec work 15 rest

Trx Y to T

Trx lunge ( both sides)

Trx side lunge

Trx sprinters start ( both sides)

Trx half kneeling rollout ( both sides)

Trx hip press

Trx hamstring runner

Trx pike

Trx body saw

Trx burpees 8 per leg

13 mins

Partner workout…shuttle runs again, just a fast pace, nothing too crazy

Run 300 m

Rest  1 min

Run 300 m

Rest 1 min

Run 300 m

– then 45 sec working 15 rest



Push ups



Push ups

The partner workout is tough, but Friday’s are the Force..military training!

Both workouts should take 13 mins, we repeat each one, for a total of 52 mins

C U tomorrow.