Daily Archives: March 8, 2015

Monday’s Trx Fusion 9/3/15


Working at  your own pace, working on reps rather than timed intervals…let’s aim for 3 – 4 rounds.

15 TRX tricep presses

15 TRX bicep curls

15 TRX overhead squats

20 push ups

20 squats lunges length of the carpet and back

20 TRX atomic push ups

20 TRX mountain climbers

20 TRX pikes

20 push ups

20 squats, lunges, the length of the carpet and back

15 TRX inverted rows

15 TRX pull ups

15 TRX power pulls per side

CARDIO – 4 mins.


Monday Mum’s in the park, 9/3/15


Tomorrow we will work on the number of repetitions for each exercise, similar to last week.

This time we will be aiming for 3 rounds ….

20 push ups

20 kettlebell press outs

20 kettlebell alternating arm swing

20 lunges with overhead press

12 lateral raises

100 skips

50 calf raises ( yes it’s in again!)

50 squat presss

Trx  10 one legged squats ( both legs)

Trx 10 power pulls ( both sides)

Plenty of instruction before we start, looking forward to seeing you in the morning!