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Locked and Loaded Ladies .. big park session.


New equipment – dead balls, power rope, can’t wait!.

We are going to have some fun!!.


Friday’s TRX Force, Day 3


Working in pairs again, 45 sec on 15 rest/transition…

Trx squat row

Trx chest press

Trx row series LMH

Trx triceps press

Trx biceps curl

Trx jumping squats

Trx plank

Trx side plank  ( both sides)

Trx hip abduction

Trx hamstring curl

Trx Spider-Man push ups, 8 per leg  … 12 mins

then swapping to partners workout.

Run/Row/x trainer 4 mins



Travelling push ups

Lunges with bicep curls

Run/row/x train 4 mins… 12 mins

Two rounds of each ….total workout …48 mins…it will be tough …it’s the Force !!

Wednesday’s W.O.D. 11/2/15


4 rounds:

Run/ row or x train 300m ( not timed)

Bulgarian split squat 15 per leg

20 one handed kb swings

30 push ups

30 Glute bridge extensions per leg

100 skips or 20 jumping lunges

20 step ups or 20 box jumps ( practising box jumps for personal goals)

50 calf raises

see you tomorrow!

Monday’s TRX Fusion 9/2/15

.  image

Working 45 sec on with a 15 sec rest/ transition…

We might try the old method of alternating on and off the Trx…

*. Trx. Thumbs down row to the ear

*. Db Fly.

*. Trx. T,Y,I, fly, one legged. ( both legs)

*. Db. Explosion/ squats

*. Trx. Side. Facing bicep curl ( both sides)

*. Db. Lateral. Raise. /. Squats

*. Trx. Tricep. Rollout

*. Push. Ups

*. Trx. Atomic. Push ups

*  Lunges

*. Rowing. Machine. 500m, approx 17 mins a round so we will aim for 2..

C U in the morning.

E. J.

Friday’s TRX Fusion Force, day 2, 6/2/15


Following the Trx Force program, day two targets core stability.

Working in pairs, we will also include some of our personal goals for the year, and work on the shuttle run. working 45 sec on TRX….

Trx hip press

Trx overhead back extension. (Y)

Trx lunge 10 per side

Trx pike

Trx sprinter’s start 10 per side

Trx side lunge alternating

Trx hamstring runner

Trx body saw

Trx half kneeling rollout ( 5 reps per side)

Trx burpee 8 per side

Trx Y to T

Total time 12 mins….

Partner workout:

300m shuttle run

Rest 1 min

300m shuttle run



Push ups

Step ups/ box jumps

300m shuttle run

Rest 1 min

300m shuttle run.

We will repeat both workouts twice…for those who don’t need to rush off!,  total run 2.4 km, so a high cardio component.