Daily Archives: February 8, 2015

Monday’s TRX Fusion 9/2/15

.  image

Working 45 sec on with a 15 sec rest/ transition…

We might try the old method of alternating on and off the Trx…

*. Trx. Thumbs down row to the ear

*. Db Fly.

*. Trx. T,Y,I, fly, one legged. ( both legs)

*. Db. Explosion/ squats

*. Trx. Side. Facing bicep curl ( both sides)

*. Db. Lateral. Raise. /. Squats

*. Trx. Tricep. Rollout

*. Push. Ups

*. Trx. Atomic. Push ups

*  Lunges

*. Rowing. Machine. 500m, approx 17 mins a round so we will aim for 2..

C U in the morning.

E. J.