Daily Archives: January 31, 2015

Monday’s TRX Fusion 2/2/15


TRX Hip hinge- refer to photo.

4 rounds, working with a partner, 2 rounds of TRX and 2 of a H.I.I.T circuit.  Working 45 sec on, with a 15 sec rest/ transition.

Trx and Circuit both Run 800m, let’s work on improving our times! -approx 4 mins.

Trx abducted lunge with stretch- hands touch the ground, both sides when doing the mobility exercise.

Trx hip hinge-  both sides when doing the mobility exercise.

Trx split lunge Y ,T, M -mobility exercise.

Trx lunge- both sides.

Trx body saw

12 mins in total

Circuit:  starts with 800 m run

Push ups

D.B. Thrusters

Assisted pull ups/lunges- sharing equipment

Box jumps

Wall sits


Renegade rows


Great change to work on our goals for 2015!

if you haven’t completed a goal sheet, let me know !