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Christmas party


Great night out, thanks everyone for joining in!!


Friday’s Trx Fusion


3 rounds tomorrow, each round has different Trx exercises.  Working with a partner, 45 sec work on Trx 15 sec rest/ transition while partner is doing cardio for 4 mins:

round 1

Trx crocodile

Trx Y

Trx pike

Trx atomic  push up


Trx bicep curl

Trx tricep press

Trx lunge ( both legs)

RUN / CARDIO 4 mins

round 2

Trx pull ups

Trx incline plank ( both sides)

Trx mountain climber

CARDIO  4 mins

trx squat to Y fly

Trx single leg squat ( both sides)

Trx o/ head squat

CARDIO 4 mins

round  3:

Trx row

Trx sprinters start ( both legs)

Trx inverted row

CARDIO 4 mins

trx hamstring runner

Trx hip abduction

Trx burpee ( both sides)

CARDIO 4 mins

Each round is 16 mins… C u in the morning!!

Wednesday’s W.O.D. 12/11/14


Hi guys,  the session is still at 10.30am….I have tried to get it changed back, but I’ve had no luck! hope you can still make it !! 4 rounds.

Cardio/ run 4 mins

20 travelling push ups

10 single arm kb swing per arm

10 single leg dead lifts

20 static lunges with overhead press

Resistance band walk farmers walk with kettle bells

Catch you in the morning!!

Monday’s Trx Fusion

Trx Hit again, 45 sec on 15 rest working with a partner,

This time when you are off the Trx we will have a circuit to rotate through.  Exercises in between your turn on The Trx are,


Boscu squats


Freefrorm board

Step ups



Trx workout:  round 1

Trx low row

Trx chest press

Trx bicep curl

Trx tricep press

Trx power pull ( both sides)

First round should take 12 mins.

Trx Round 2:

Trx sprinters start ( both sides)

Trx lunge ( both sides)

Trx hamstring curl

Trx hip press

Trx crossing balance lunge

Round 2 will take 14 mins,

Then a repeat of round 1.

38 mins of work….it will be fun, two workouts. Circuit and Trx in one!

🎅 Our CHRISTMAS NIGHT out is approaching!, next Saturday night 15 th Nov.. please confirm during the week if you are attending, partners welcome.!! 🎄🎄

Wednesday’s W.O.D 5/11/14

Hi guys tomorrow the time has changed to 10.30 am for the class.  Hope you can make it.  Lots of cardio …

4 rounds:


Run / row / cardio 2.30min

20 kb swings

20 push ups

run/ row 2.30 mins

20 burpees

20 db thrusters

Run / row 2.30 mins

20 step ups/ box jumps

20 renegade row

Mondays’s. Trx Fusion


3-4 rounds 45 sec work, 15 rest, working in pairs.

Trx thumbs down row to ears


Trx T .Y.I. One legged. ( both legs)


Trx side facing bicep curl ( both sides)


Trx tricep rollout


Trx atomic push ups

Row 500m

C u in the morning ! ,