Friday’s Trx Fusion 21/11/14


Tomorrow we are going to have two workouts in one, working with a partner, one will stay on the Trx whilst the other completes a circuit and then you will swap.  We will get through two rounds in total, the round will take 20 mins by the time you have completed both the Trx exercises and the circuit.  Ok here it goes: 45 sec working, 15 secs transition…

Trx Y fly to bicep curl to low row

Trx single leg squat with crossing balance lunge ( both sides)

Trx  tricep rollout

Trx hinge

Trx lunge with hop ( both sides)

trx hamstring runner with hold

Trx incline press ( both sides)

Then swapping to the following circuit..45 sec work 15 rest



Push ups

Mountain climber

K.b. Swing

K.B. Sumo hi pull

Step ups

Renegade Row

Wall sit

Boscu squats

hope you enjoy it!!


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