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Friday’s TRX Fusion 12/9/14

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Three rounds tomorrow, each one different.  Partner stays running for 4 mins while you complete your Trx exercises, the you swap..so a high level of cardio tomorrow!!

round 1……45 secs working, 15 rest

Trx “crocodile”

Trx “Y”

Trx pike

Trx atomic push up

Run for 4 mins

Trx bicep curl

Trx. Tricep curl

Trx. Lunge ( both legs)

run for 4 mins

Round 2:

Trx. Pull ups

Trx  incline plank

Trx. Mountain climber

Trx. Body saw

run for 4 mins

Trx Squat to Y fly

Trx. Single leg squat.  ( both legs)

Trx o/head squat

run for 4 mins

Round 3:

Trx. Row

Trx. Sprinters start ( both legs)

Trx. Inverted row

run for 4 mins

Trx hamstring runner

Trx  hip abduction

Trx   Burpee ( both sides)