Friday’s TRX Fusion 5/9/14


Based on the Trx 300k strong workout, with 300 reps on the Trx , we are doing rounds one and two. Of the workout…..but of course with the extra fusion exercises.  The exercises are nothing new, but it is  new because the two rounds have different exercises, so  we are covering a lot of Trx exercises.  We will repeat round one at the end.  Ok here it is:

45 secs work,  15 rest:

round 1:

* Trx low row

* lunges

* Trx chest press

* squats

*Trx bicep curl

* push ups

* Trx tricep press

* skipping

*  Trx power pull ( both sides)

* rowing

Total time 12mins

round 2:

*. Trx sprinters start ( both sides)

* rowing

*Trx lunge ( both sides)

* squats/push ups

* Trx hamstring curl

* skipping

* trx hip press

* squats

* Trx crossing balance lunge

* push ups

total time 14 mins

Repeat round 1.

I have a separate Trx legs workout for WB and anyone else with upper body injuiries !

C u in the morning!


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