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Wednesday’s W.O.D. 1/10/14

Hi guys, today Cassidy is taking the class, it’s at 9.15 for school holidays.  He is aware that some of you may have injuries and need to work within your own limits.  Enjoy the W..O..D. I’m sure it will be hard core.  !!


Monday’s Trx Fusion 29/9/14


Time to to revisit  Trx boot camp and bring out the skipping rope or step up option.  We have done this before…it works out to be one and a half rounds.  Remember we are trying to start at 9.15am while the school holidays are on.

Trx Y to I deltoid fly

Trx lunge( both sides)

SKIP 60 sec, rest 30 sec, SKIP 60 sec

Trx atomic oblique push up

Trx pike

Trx  body saw

SKIP 60 sec x 2

Trx pull ups

Trx one legged squat

SKIP 60 sec x 2

Trx tricep rollout

Trx one armed bicep curl ( both sides)

SKIP 60 sec x 2

c u in the morning!!

Wednesday’s W.O.D. 17/9/14


100 rep workout

this WOD is base on the 100 rep workout.  Each exercise should total 100 by the end of the four rounds…except for squats..we are going to hit 200 reps for this one:

4 rounds:

* run for for 800m

* 50 squats

*. 25 burpees

* 25 push ups

* 25 kb sumo hi pulls

* 25 kb swings

* 25 stationary lunges with bicep curl

* 25 battle ropes

Friday’s TRX Fusion 12/9/14

image image

Three rounds tomorrow, each one different.  Partner stays running for 4 mins while you complete your Trx exercises, the you a high level of cardio tomorrow!!

round 1……45 secs working, 15 rest

Trx “crocodile”

Trx “Y”

Trx pike

Trx atomic push up

Run for 4 mins

Trx bicep curl

Trx. Tricep curl

Trx. Lunge ( both legs)

run for 4 mins

Round 2:

Trx. Pull ups

Trx  incline plank

Trx. Mountain climber

Trx. Body saw

run for 4 mins

Trx Squat to Y fly

Trx. Single leg squat.  ( both legs)

Trx o/head squat

run for 4 mins

Round 3:

Trx. Row

Trx. Sprinters start ( both legs)

Trx. Inverted row

run for 4 mins

Trx hamstring runner

Trx  hip abduction

Trx   Burpee ( both sides)