Monday’s TRX Fusion 18/8/14


TRX INCLINE PLANK…….this is level 3, we are going to try level 2 with one leg still on the ground !

A few new ones tomorrow,….a couple of hard ones taken from Trx Force, 

We will c how we go with the Trx incline plank!!

3 -4 rounds:

ok here it is:  working with a partner 45 sec on, 15 rest,

*. Trx. Single arm row. (Both sides). Partner. …..rowing 1.45min

*. Trx  overhead squat, Partner…..lunges

*. Trx. Chest. Fly,  Partner……squats, boscu or weighted

*.  Trx. Incline. Press. 20 sec per side,  Partner….skipping

*.  Trx. Hamstring.  Curl,  Partner…….push. Ups

c u in the morning!!


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