Monday’s TRX Fusion 28/7/14



Arm. Superset

This one will be an arm burner…we will aim for 3 – 4 rounds depending on if your arms burn out.  Lots of super sets for deltoids and triceps….

Working 45 sec on a 15 sec rest format.

*.  Trx. Thumbs down row to the ear

*.  Db   Fly. /. Squats

*. Trx. T,Y,I,  fly, one legged. ( both legs)

*. Db.  Explosion

*. Trx. Side. Facing split stance arm raise ( both arms)

*.   Db.  Lateral. Raise. /. Squats

*.  Trx. Tricep. Rollout

*.  Push. Ups

*. Trx. Atomic. Push ups

*.  Rowing. Machine.  500m

There are a few new exercises in this, but nothing too tricky..

Catch  u on Monday!!




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