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Hardcore of the week

Pull ups fully off the ground using TRX, something for all of us to aim for!


Wednesday WOD

Based around the workout-  She’s Got Legs …..but with less squats as I trialled this workout and found that there was just too much pressure being placed on the knee joints especially during high reps…so for us i have recommended:

3 rounds for time:

*run 800m

*60 squats

*40 walking lunges

*20 sumo hi pull

*60 calf raises

*20 curtesy lunges

* 50 glute bridge raises

* 10 burpees


c u in the morning!!


Monday’s TRX fusion

Tomorrow’s class is a Ropes and Straps TRX workout.  This is the one where you work with a partner.  One skips for 60 sec whilst the other completes TRX exercises.  We have done this style before and it was challenging.  Each time you skip for 60 sec try to remember your highest number of skips and better it each time.   Take the challenge and alternate the skipping between high knees up, alternating legs and backwards skipping.  Remember to keep your elbows close to your sides, this will increase the workout in your arms…”boxer’s skipping” is the name for this!!

Friday’s TRX Fusion

Tomorrow’s TRX is a H.i.i.T format, 45 sec work, 15sec  rest working in pairs again, this time with a short run included.

4 rounds:

* run 400m

* trx pull ups.     Partner work = push ups

* trx  o/head squat.  Partner work = squats

* trx  hip press.  Partner work = lunges

* trx pike to push up. Partner work = skipping

c u in the morning!!